About psyBNC

psyBNC is an easy-to-use, multi-user, permanent IRC-Bouncer with many features.
Some of its features include symmetric ciphering of talk and connections (Blowfish and IDEA),
the possibility of linking multiple bouncers to an internal network including a shared partyline,
vhost- and relay support to connected bouncers and an extensive online help system.
Many other helpful functions are included. It compiles on Linux, FreeBSD, SunOs and Solaris.

- Supports multi-clients
- Supports asynchroneous resolving
- Supports Prefixes
- Supports SSL-Encryptions for connecting and listening
- Internal emulated IRCd shared over the linked bouncers (int~-net)
- IPV6 compatible
- A GUI-Menuconfig
- DCC Files & Chats
- Scripting
- Connection and Talk Encryption
- Online Translation
- modularized
- Proxy support
- full trafficlogging
- Possibility of linking the bouncer (u can use all vhosts of the linked bouncers (if allowed))
- automatically setting MODE +i-s nick on connect to prevent the filling of the logs with spam
- Crypting of Passwords
- DCC sessions to bots are hold
- Permanent connections to IRC while you are offline
- Only One Backgroundtask running, even with 100 serving connections
- supports up to 100 Users
- On-Bounce Administration (/ADDUSER, /DELUSER, /ADMIN, /UNADMIN)
- On-Bounce Usersettings (/ADDSERVER, /REMOVESERVER, /JUMP)
- GiveOps: Other users with specific Host can request OP from your bounce
- GiveOps Commands (/ADDOP, /DELOP, /LISTOPS)
- AskOp: The Bounce can automatically ask for Ops when rejoining from hostmasks
- AskOps Commands (/ADDASK, /DELASK, /LISTASK)
- Channels will be saved
- Full Message-Logging, Full Connection Logging
- On Bounce queries (Nicks preceding "$")
- in 1.1 changed to channel specifig bans/ops/askops and included a setaway function
- Bounce Partyline (Query to/from "$$")
- u can switch off/on systemmessages (/SYSMSG)

Also available:

if you want to encrypt your local connection to the bouncer, download: psyPipe for Unix