psyBNC todo


- dcc chats filled with big amounts of data get cutted / outputed from wrong nicks (chotaire)
- scripting creates zombies on freebsd4.7 (netOxide)
- #channel:*.tld doesnt get logged correctly (Borys)

Roadmap Feature-Requests:

- add /automode, instead of /addautoop (dominance)
- Fully encrypted config-files (?)
- allow interface-entry for dcchost, usefull for dialup users (dominance)
- add profiles/filters for channels to join (masterT)
- add daily rotating logs, add self specified logfile names (many people)
- give dcccancel by number (not nick/file) (many people)
- add admin control to every command (Phil23)
- set portrange for dcc (many people)
- time out peers (many people)
- check if config was changed before writing on disconnect (FireCode)
- incorporate IIP-Client-Support (?) - well, lets see if its hype or heavy
- logging last context (?)
- mysql support (?)
- socks5 support (currently only socks4, high-heel support?..)
- incorporate DCC RESUME
- enhance logging to log also, if the user is online. also log his own texts.
- tcl-scripting support (some people want PHP, others Perl..) (?+?+?)
- add special identd for psybnc (?)
- support msg 333 on saved topic response
- add /bstatus command, which shows the setting of the current user or given user for an admin
- enhance /addserver command to give stonechecktime/sendq (Uriell)
- let the user set an ALTNICK (Uriell)
- sending umodes on reconnect (Borys)
- utilize leavequit for special channels (cartoon)
- add logging for dcc chats (Uriell)
- add sylk support (warlord) (?) - same as IIP
(?)=not sure yet

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